Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RPG's Today...

We all know that Role Playing games rank superior among any other genres ever created by man.  The question though is: Which one is the best?  Are the games of the past better than the ones being created currently by developers today?  Some argue that games are becoming too focused on graphics while gameplay fails hard.

Right now, no one in the right mind would argue that Final Fantasy XIII is better than Chrono Trigger.  Even though the graphics are a million times better and there is actual voice acting and breath taking cinematics, it lacks the heart and soul that Chrono Trigger brought upon its release.  The musical score of Chrono Trigger is even better than that of most modern RPG's produced today, even though it is ancient.

Final Fantasy has been one of the greatest RPG series ever produced, and even if they create games of lower quality, people will still buy them to see how they rank among the others.  Final Fantasy VII was the pivotal point when RPG's became well known around the world.

Every year there are new series that are created to rival established series such as Final Fantasy, but it is tough to create games that carry the same level of depth and quality.  In upcoming blogs I will discuss more in depth the future of RPG's, MMORPG's, and talk specifically about certain noteworthy games and ones that were completely TERRIBLE


  1. I've never played FF. I think the time has come.

  2. Yeah, i'm sure you will enjoy it. I highly recommend playing Final Fantasy X on ps2, and playing 7,8,9 on PSP. Highly enjoyable!
    1,2,3,4,5,6 are also good.. But not as great